Body Wraps San Diego

Revitalizing Seaweed Wrap
A French seaweed wrap is used to improve elasticity and smooth the skin. Warm seaweed is applied from neck to toe, then the body is wrapped to retain body heat and activate the skin. During this time, your skin drinks in the rich algae, minerals, and enzymes. As a final touch, a smoothing body moisturizer is applied to the skin to moisturize and tone. Herbal steam and scalp massage is included to induce a sense of overall well being.

Detoxifying Moor (Black Mud) Body Wrap
The enzymes in this natural product tighten and tone the skin and reduce the size of the pores. The temporary appearance of having lost inches and the improved texture of your skin is a delightful way to begin the rest of your day.

Anti-Stress Body Envelopment
This is the ultimate in body treatments, using heat and aromatherapy. It starts with a dry-brushing, then a body gomage is applied to exfoliate the skin. Next is a hydrating gel and the relaxation time begins. Wrapped in a warm cocoon, feel your daily tensions melt away. A scalp massage and foot massage conclude the treatment, and you leave with your skin glowing and satiny-smooth.

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