Stimulating Leg Treatment
The Stimulating Leg Treatment is ideal after being on your feet all day. This treatment includes a warm soak in a whirlpool tub in combination with essential oils to include relaxation. This is followed with a leg wrap with cool mud applied to relieve tension and pain; A light massage is included followed by a cool gel, leaving legs feeling refreshed and light. It is a great treatment before a pedicure.

Paraffin Pedicure
Melt away in the warmth of peach scented paraffin. This traditional pedicure includes the benefits of warm paraffin to alleviate tired aching feet.

Aromatherapy French Spa Pedicure

The feet are soaked in a purifying whirlpool bath followed with an exfoliation treatment to eliminate dry, rough, and cracked skin and to stimulate circulation. A self-heating seaweed pack is then applied to alleviate water retention and to soften the skin and cuticles. The pedicure is now performed, followed by a massage with essential oils and refreshing hydrating balm for total relief of sore and tired feet. Polish is then applied for the grand finale. An experience not to be missed!

Glycolic Rejuvenation Hand Treatment
This is a powerful anti-aging treatment for the hands. The treatment starts with dry brushing to stimulate circulation. A glycolic cleaning gel is then applied, followed by a glycolic peel to get rid of dry cells, leaving the skin ready for a hydrating mask and paraffin treatment. A special serum and hydrating cream is then applied and a light massage is performed, leaving your hands silky smooth and rejuvenated. To help the tension melt away, an herbal neck pillow is placed on your neck and shoulders during the treatment. A manicure is included.

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