Massage Therapy San Diego

Hot Stone Therapy

The application of smooth, hot, basalt stones melts tension from each muscle and profoundly relaxes you with their heat and weight. Stones are placed strategically along your body, while fresh hot stones are used by your therapist in the actual massage. Let yourself feel embraced and nurtured by Mother Earth.

Aromatherapy Massage
A wonderfully therapeutic massage using a unique blend of essential oils to induce complete relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. This balancing experience is not to be missed.

Acupressure Massage
The Bellissima acupressure massage is a unique combination of Western and Eastern methods. By combining Swedish and advanced therapeutic massage techniques with Oriental acupressure points to balance the energy meridians throughout the body, true therapy and relaxation is achieved.

Reflexology Massage

This method of massage applies pressure to the feet, on points that correspond to various organs and body parts. This therapeutic technique promotes relaxation and releases energy at the same time.

Prenatal Massage
This 80-minute massage is offered to help the expectant mother relax and become as comfortable as possible. We use a body support system to assist with correct body posture and allow freedom to lay face down. This is a wonderful treat for "belly-sleepers".

Swedish Massage

A basic Western massage that will increase circulation, relieves tension, and has you tingling from head to toe. Pressure is medium to light. Strokes are long and luxurious.

Customized Massage
This massage is for anyone who has as specific massage requirement. Do you need firmer pressure? Would you like more time spent on your back, your head, or your feet? This is the time to get the session you want and communicate your needs to your therapist.

Neck & Shoulder Massage
This invigorating 20-minute massage allows maximum blood circulation and increases your energy level. It is a wonderful pick-me-up any time a little boost is needed.

Massage Therapy San Diego

Getting a massage is a great way to soothe the body and refresh the mind, which is why we at Bellissima day spa provide massage therapy in San Diego. Our massage therapists are experienced and skilled in a variety of massage treatments that can relieve back tension and induce complete relaxation. Along with the ever-popular Swedish massage, we offer such exotic massage therapies in San Diego as hot stone therapy, reflexology massage, acupressure massage, and aromatherapy massage. The acupressure massage therapy in San Diego is one of the most popular choices amongst our clientele due to its effectiveness and unique soothing qualities. This particular message uses both traditional acupuncture techniques and meridian massage methods in order to remove knots, improve circulation, and promote feelings of relaxation and relief.

We guarantee that after undergoing massage therapy in San Diego at Bellissima, you will leave feeling invigorated and pleasantly unwound. Along with massage therapy, we offer a wealth of other quality spa packages and treatments, such as body wraps, facials, herbal steams, manicures and pedicures, hair styling, makeup and more. For calming massage therapy in San Diego with licensed masseuses, we at Bellissima Day Spa can’t be beat.

Body Massage San Diego

Getting a full body massage in San Diego at the Bellissima Day Spa is an effective way to soothe the mind and invigorate the body. We at Bellissima offer a variety of massage therapies that serve as a therapeutic means of enhancing blood flow through muscles, as well as alleviating problematic muscle tension. There are many different types of massages that our experienced masseuses offer, ranging from the classic Swedish massage to Eastern influences reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure and hot stone massages. These Eastern massages are a great choice for those who want to experience a unique and effective body massage in San Diego. For example, the hot stone therapy massage is popular among our clientele because of its completely organic method of administration. With the hot stone body massage in San Diego, Mother Nature is able to soothe the muscles via the strategic placement of round, heated Basalt stones. The weight and heat of these stones creates a uniquely relaxing and pleasant massage experience.

For quality, calming massages that benefit the body and mind, Bellissima Day Spa is second to none. Along with our body massages in San Diego, we offer many other spa services and spa packages such as herbal steams, body wraps, pedicures & manicures, facials and more.

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