Nail Manicure San Diego

Getting a nail manicure in San Diego at Bellissima Day Spa is a great way to makes your hands look and feel as beautiful as they can be. Our licensed and experienced manicurists provide delicate and beneficial treatments that refine the skin and allow for highly complementary nails. Standard techniques such as removing unflattering calluses and dead skin, polishing, moisturizing, painting the nails, nail extensions and more are employed in order to enhance every aspect of the hands.

Though there are many places to get a nail manicure in San Diego, Bellissima Day Spa stands out due to the friendly professionals who perform the salon treatments and the serene atmosphere that clients get to relax in. We at Bellissima are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and take great pride in our many spa treatments and services. Along with the nail manicure in San Diego, we are a popular spa destination for countless women who want to pamper themselves via our top-tier spa treatments, such as body wraps, hair styling, herbal steams, massages, pedicures, makeup application and much more. If you want to treat yourself to beautifying spa treatments in a European style, peaceful environment, please call us and schedule an appointment.

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