Nail Pedicure San Diego

If you want to make your feet look flawlessly smooth and attractive, getting a nail pedicure in San Diego with Bellissima Day Spa is a great way to achieve results. The benefits of a nail pedicure are plenty. The feet are moisturized with nutrient-enriched creams, calluses and rough, dry skin are smoothed off, and the nails are buffed, polished and painted for an overall pleasant appearance.

The aesthetic value of the feet is a principle held high by many women, and undergoing a nail pedicure in San Diego with Bellissima is a good way to ensure that good looks are present all the way from the head down to the toes. All of our pedicurists are licensed and have a demonstrated proficiency in safe, sterile, and effective pedicure treatments for the nails and skin. In addition, pedicures are performed in our nail salon, a perfect environment for soaking in our gentle ambiance and relaxing. Along with the nail pedicure in San Diego, Bellissima is a premier provider for rejuvenating herbal steams, massages, Ayurvedic body treatments, body wraps, facials and more. If you want to look and feel your best through effective spa services, please call us today and schedule an appointment.

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