Spa Services San Diego

Spa services make the perfect gift for a special person or spontaneous treat or reward for you. In San Diego, spa services are the perfect compliment to a relaxing vacation by the beach or for a resident who needs to relax from the daily stresses of city life. San Diego’s spa services are first class, offering some of the world’s top spas, treatments and technicians. San Diego spa services are administered by trained and qualified individuals who are dedicated to the profession. From hotels to health clubs to spas, many venues and locations offer quality spa services in San Diego. A spa service consumer in San Diego must first research which establishment best fits their needs and price range to determine the best spa for what they are looking for. If a particular treatment is desired, a customer should first call the facility to verify which spa technician specializes in that treatment to ensure the best service possible.

Bellissima Spa is proud to be considered one of San Diego’s elite spa facilities. Offering a wide variety of spa treatments and services, Bellissima Spa has earned a fabulous reputation for being a world class spa. Whether you are interested in a facial, massage, or laser treatments, Bellissima Spa has a staff of highly trained professional who can best service your needs. Bellissima Spa offers the San Diego area all of the most requested spa services at great prices. Bellissima Spa has provided San Diego spa services for years in our state of the art facility which is over 11,000 sq ft of space dedicated to providing top quality spa services for our clientele. Bellissima Spa is located in the historic downtown Escondido area in San Diego County, making it easily accessible for San Diego, Riverside and Orange County residents alike. Along with our luxurious spa services, we also offer gift certificates and special promotions to help make your spa visit an affordable luxury. Bellissima Spa will fulfill your San Diego spa service needs by providing a beautiful, relaxing environment dedicated to amazing spa treatments.

Bellissima offers a wide range of therapeutic health and beauty services. Guests receive treatments in private rooms with state-of-the-art products and services

Relaxing music is piped throughout the spa to enhance the overall experience of the guests.

A steam room is always available for relaxation before or after a spa treatment. A garden room provides guests with a sunny area for dining and refreshments catered by local restaurants.

Complimentary consultations help guests customize wellness and beauty treatments to fit their needs.


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Day Spa Services California

Everybody deserves to relax and be pampered from time to time, so it’s nice to know that there are some great day spa services in California. There are a variety of centers to choose from, and Bellissima Day Spa in Escondido is among the best. Since day spas are located in convenient areas throughout the state, you should be able to find the right one near to where you live. For people residing in the Southern California area, Bellissima Day Spa is a quick, easy trip to make for a day full of pampering and spa services relaxation. We do recommend that you make your appointment in advance, to ensure that when you arrive to partake in our day spa services our aestheticians and massage therapists are free and have enough time to devote to your treatment. At Bellissima, we believe that day spa services are an essential part of life and relaxation in California.

At Bellissima Day Spa in California, we offer a wide range of spa services and treatments for the face, body, hair and nails. Whether you need a full body massage, facial, cellulite treatment, pedicure, age reversal treatment, or general therapeutic techniques, we believe that you deserve to be pampered. We also offer special packages for a variety of day spa services at our beautiful spa in Escondido, California. Though our specials can range, they usually include a either a half-day package or a full-day package that really allows our clients to relax and leave feeling rejuvenated. If you have any health issues or concerns, please be sure to inform the day spa about them when booking your services. There are plenty of therapeutic techniques available for a variety of ailments. If, for instance, you have been feeling stressed out, the spa will accommodate you with the most relaxing treatments possible, including our signature stress release services. You will definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to our day spa services; Escondido, California has some of the most relaxing, stress-free centers in the country, starting with Bellissima.

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