Synergie Cellulite San Diego

The Cellulite Solution

A typical Synergie™ treatment program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The number of treatments is customized to meet the individual's goals.

Synergie Cellulite Contouring Program ($100/treatment)
The Synergie Aesthetic Massage System is the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite. Synergy A.M.S.** uses revolutionary vacuum massage technology, proven and approved by the F.D.A., to improve the appearance of the skin while improving circulation. The Synergie Cellulite treatments provide optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subcutaneous tissues offering a type of subdermal tissue massage not possible through traditional massage techniques. This program is designed for each individual, taking into consideration the understanding of their expectations in order to achieve their goals. A body suit is provided to ensure comfort and to ease the delivery of the treatment. Schedule a consultation and start on your way to a more beautiful you.

Synergie Ultimate Facial ($200/treatment)
Combining a traditional facial with the benefits of facial, vacuum massage and microdermabrasion. Not only is this combination treatment the epitome of pampering, but it is unmatched in its overall effectiveness. For optimum results, the regimen consists of six treatments which last 80 minutes each. Since Synergie Ultimate Facial Treatment includes microdermabrasion, it is recommended sessions should be 10 days apart. The Ultimate Synergie Facial is the total solution for healthier skin. Synergie works from the inside out because beauty is more than skin deep.

Customized Facial with Derma Print Analysis
Your Skin Care is designed just for you - having your skin care needs in mind. Our unique in depth Derma Print Skin Analysis will classify your skin type and conditions. This will assure that all ingredients in products and treatments will be personalized.

Our custom-blended home care products contain the highest possible level of vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts and state-of-the-art ingredients that your skin really needs. If you want more information about this unique program, make an appointment for a consultation. Give your skin a chance.

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